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All kind of Niches & Suspended Ceilings/ Walls-Gypsum Plasterboards

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Interior Design of Niches & Dropped Ceilings/Walls


Gypsum board, hard gypsum, two side cardboard coated hard standard or special size and produced in certain norms are smooth surface plates.

Gypsum Plasterboard can be used in all areas of the outer walls of the buildings, from floor to wall, from wall to ceiling.

Plasterboard, suspended ceiling, partition wall, dry plaster and dry flooring applications are made.

Gypsum Plasterboard False Ceiling System

The gypsum plasterboard false ceiling is a monolithic suspended system that allows you to achieve a beautiful , homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without any visible joints. Curves, steps and other designer ceiling options can also be achieved with plasterboard. Different kinds of gypsum plasterboard are used for the false ceiling system depending on the application area.

Some types of false ceiling:

False ceilings are often known as drop ceilings as they are literally dropped or hung from the main ceiling. The drop ceiling or false ceiling is more trendy these days. You can often see the different false ceiling types in your homes, offices, shopping complexes, restaurants, theatres, etc. These are generally the second ceiling hanged below the main structural ceiling

  • Plaster of Paris (POP) False Ceilings:
    This kind of drop ceiling or false ceiling not only hide the hideous members of construction, ventilation ducts, & conduits but additionally give a smooth finish to your ceiling.

  • Wooden False Ceilings or Plywood Plywood False Ceilings:
    Hollow wooden blocks or wooden panels, or wooden boards or sometimes plywood can be used to make the wood ceiling. Wooden blocks can be easily installed even with the help of nails and screws.
  •  Gypsum False Ceilings:
    Gypsum ceiling tiles stem in the form of square planks which are wrapped with the support of the iron frame.
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles: The metal ceiling tiles or panels can be laid on a visible steel grid with T-sections or cross-sections that are suspended from the ceiling by rods.

Living Rooms With Decorative Wall Niches

The walls in the living room can be either plain or can feature some built-in niches. These decorative wall niches can be used for versatile purposes 

The wall niches can be quite versatile. They can vary in size and shape and you can either have one of them or maybe several of them. Wall niches can also stand out from the rest of the wall decor if there are painted in some other color than the wall. Or if you decide to keep them in the same color, then you can add some accent lighting fixtures to emphasize the decorations over there. These built-in niches are perfect for storing your books as well as some decorative items. You can even add some shelves into some niches. Scroll down now to see the living rooms that we have chosen for you today and choose how you will use the space in your living room niches.

Wall niches are most often placed on one accent wall, usually the one where the TV stands. So, if there are many wall niches around it, they can be part of a TV wall unit. Also, there are some wall niches that can even wrap around the room to connect adjacent walls.

Stylish And Functional Shower Niches For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you need to have some storage space for all those beauty tools and products, toiletries etc. So, besides having some drawers and shelves, there could be also some built-in wall niches. Such shower niches can be both aesthetic and functional and we believe that you should all have some in your bathroom.

provide some extra storage space, which is definitely more stable and reliable than some plain shelves. So, no more need to place all those bottles and soap on the floor, or on the corner of a tub. You can make the niche as big as you want and place it in different parts of the shower. For instance, you can place it in some corner, or maybe even wrap it around the room to connect adjacent walls. Also, they can be made out of versatile materials. You can either match them with the rest of the bathroom walls, or choose them in different color and thus make them pop out.

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