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All kind of Stone works in and around your home or property

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All type of Plastering- Interior & Exterior Painting

We offer a range of services in all type of stone works

  • Stone house
  • Indoor & oudoor stone cladding
  • Decorative indoor stone pannels
  • Garden walls and landscape stone cladding
  • Retaining walls & Freestanding walls
  • Outdoor kitchens, cooking & dinning outdoors
  • Outdoor fireplaces, Fire pits and Stone BBQ, …
  • Chimney and fireplace covering
  • Paver stones for walkways and driveways

Stone Wall Construction

We can offer all stone wall construction and covering stone walls. First, let’s define what the wall is. A wall of artificial or natural stones is called a wall around an area for external or decorative purposes. Start with a solid foundation for the stone wall and a foundation of sufficient depth. The quality of sand and cement is important for a quality wall. But the most important element is the quality of labor. Rock; It is the most preferred building material since the existence of humanity with its features such as robustness, naturalness and does not needs much of maintenance.

Veneer Stone Wall

The cladding stone wall can be made both indoors and outdoors. By using relatively fine stones, a beautiful appearance can be obtained by gluing to the face of any wall. Stone cladding walls are mostly made for decorative purposes. There are many types of stone for interior stone wall cladding. Brick cladding, antique brick cladding, Gebze stone cladding, slate stone cladding. It is possible to coat all stones up and down.

Garden Stone Walls and Surrounding Walls

The garden stone wall is mostly used for the enclosing process by using any desired area of building materials. This wall might be around a be an apartment, a detached house, a villa, a factory or an empty plot. The construction of the garden wall can be made with various building materials.The construction of the perimeter wall is a work that must be done by expert and expert hands. The garden walls, which we call the protection barrier that surrounds any area, can be made with different models and materials. Perimeter wall models are named according to the type of stone used and construction.

Slate Stone

Slate stone wall cladding has become an important coating material in recent years. It can be applied to both walls and floors. It can be applied to concrete, brick wall and stone wall surfaces. It is also an ideal material for slate stone pavement. When the walkways in the park are laid on the ground outside the building and in front of the house, a natural and beautiful view is obtained. It can last a lifetime if the concrete is applied on the concrete after being poured. The most preferred slate stone is extracted from Denizli.

Stone Houses

There are two types of stone house construction techniques.

The first one is made of steel or reinforced concrete skeleton and then it is made of natural and artificial stone coatings and inner and outer walls. In short, it is in the form of stone dressing on reinforced concrete and / or steel carcass.

The other way of construction is the traditional way of construction, in which all internal and external walls are made with natural stones. The outer walls are made of natural stones with a thickness of 50 cm to 60 cm and the inner walls with a thickness of 45-40 cm.

The most obvious difference in the two forms of construction is related to the net usage area in the interior. In villas with stone walls, natural stone walls provide more clear space than villas.

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