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Keep your house fresh and dry with SolarVenti and help your heating during winter without paying expensive electricity bills! Ideal for family homes, holiday homes, boats, caravans, attics, garages – and other buildings requiring fresh air and ventilation.

Stop the mould & bad smells !!! We all know that inadequate   ventilation and poor insulation are the major culprit in Bodrum, homes in Bodrum  often suffer from moisture problems and this can be uncomfortable during   the winter months.They  become mouldy and damp, metal equipment rusts and clothes and curtains start   to smell. Absolutely no warm  welcome whenever you have to encounter your home in this state. Almost every year the property needs to be painted   inside due to this kind of issues. In the long term mold and condensation will affect your home.  Does this all sounds very familiar to you, then probably Solarventi will be the most suitable solution for you….?  SolarVenti is a dehumidifier and ventilation system for your home. Solarventi uses solar   energy and introduces  fresh air into your property therefore reduces   mould, fungi and dust mites..

Moist and unsound indoor climate can cause health problems Mould and dry rot thrive in moist conditions and can be harmful for furniture, buildings and people. Unsound indoor climate in general may cause discomfort and add to the risk of disease. Allergic reactions to unhealthy living conditions caused by mould and dry rot in our houses are numerous and increasing. The easy answer is to     fit a SolarVenti unit that will use the winter sun to automatically     dry and heat air and pump it into your house. It is a true “fit and forget” solution that deals with the problem in a carbon neutral     manner and has no running costs. All the reasons listed in a nutshell why you would buy Solerventi system?

  • Dehumidification without energy bills and without any additional maintenance.
  • Removes toxic pollutants left over from construction & renovation
  • Eliminates moulds, mildews, condensation etc
  • Always, after a long  absence, a fresh and dry climate.
  • Reduced heating costs after your     arrival.
  • Removes musty smells and stale air (e.g. animal or food odours) ensuring better indoor air quality for all occupants
  •  A healthy environment Solarventi is a Green solution
  • Can be thermostatically controlled so that the system automatically turns off when desired temperature is reached

Please contact us for more information  Enclosed you will find an information folder about the system. solarventi-UK Solarventi -USA solarventi-Australia Solarventi-Ireland UK_ advert_feature_questions_04_04_09 uk_sv_30_ hyb_br